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Band Workout

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Topics Covered In the 4 day Home Band Workout

Quad Focused Leg Day:

Learn how to maintain proper form during exercises: keeping your back flat, bending knees, pressing feet, squeezing glutes, and extending legs correctly.

Back and Biceps:

Find detailed instructions on exercises including seated band pulls, leaning bends with lifted arms, and proper form with back flat and elbows tucked.

Glutes and Hamstrings:

Discover exercises focusing on core strength and glute activation, including plank variations, leg lifts, hip raises, and maintaining proper form for optimal results.

Shoulders and Triceps:

Exercises for proper form and strength, including flat foot positioning, elbow and wrist alignment, arm extensions, and controlled band movements.

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Nicole Meatless Muscle Client

Brooke gives you individualized workout plans and exercises tailored to help you attain your fitness goals.



Felicia Meatless Muscle Client

Brooke created a customized program that fit my lifestyle and goals. I learned that you can build muscle and maintain a vegan lifestyle.



Catarina Meatless Muscle Client

The personalized program includes targeted workouts, allowing me to achieve my fitness goals without a strict meal plan.



Let Me Tell You More About
4 Day Home Band Workout

This ebook provides a comprehensive four-day home workout routine focusing on different muscle groups using resistance bands.

Day 1 targets the quadriceps with exercises like band squats, leg extensions, side lunges, and wall sits with mini band abductions.

 Day 2 is dedicated to back and biceps with routines including seated close rows, rear delt flies, lat pulldowns, bicep curls, and mini band renegade rows. Each exercise includes specific instructions to maintain proper form and maximize effectiveness.

Day 3 shifts focus to glutes and hamstrings with mini band straight leg kickbacks, glute bridges, hamstring curls, and clamshells.

 Day 4 addresses shoulders and triceps with lying tricep extensions, shoulder presses, front raises, lateral raises, and standing tricep presses. Detailed guidance is provided for each movement to ensure correct technique and posture. This structured approach allows for balanced muscle development and improved strength using minimal equipment.

You'll learn:


Master Core Stability: Learn techniques to enhance your core stability, ensuring a strong foundation for all exercises, with tips on maintaining proper posture and engaging your abs effectively.


Improve Flexibility: Discover exercises designed to increase your flexibility, helping you achieve greater range of motion and reduce the risk of injury during workouts.


Strengthen Glutes: Follow targeted routines to strengthen your glutes, essential for improving overall lower body strength and stability, with detailed guidance on form and muscle activation.


Enhance Arm and Shoulder Strength: Gain insights into exercises that focus on building arm and shoulder strength, including proper positioning and controlled movements for maximum effectiveness and safety.


Optimize Hip Mobility: Learn exercises to enhance hip mobility, crucial for overall movement efficiency and injury prevention, with step-by-step instructions on maintaining correct form and engaging the right muscles.

About Brooke Sellers

Brooke Sellers, widely known as Miss Meatless Muscle, is a celebrated fitness expert and dedicated vegan advocate. With a passion for plant-based nutrition and strength training, Brooke has inspired countless individuals to embrace a vegan lifestyle while achieving their fitness goals.

Through her engaging content and practical advice, she demonstrates that it's possible to build muscle, boost performance, and maintain a healthy, balanced diet without animal products. Brooke's commitment to promoting ethical eating and sustainable living has made her a leading voice in the vegan fitness community.

"I am thrilled to have written this life coaching book and to share it with readers. Through its pages, I hope to empower individuals to eat healthy foods without sacrificing taste.“

Brooke Sellers